How Much Do You Want Done? 5 Things That May Influence Auto Repair Decisions

Taking a car into the shop can be confusing: there are all sorts of things that mechanics might want to fix on the vehicle, like emergency repairs, routine maintenance and other less essential fixes. So how do you decide what to get done? Here are a number of things that may influence your decision. State Inspection Processes and Requirements The state inspection requirements in your state of residence may have quite an impact on what you choose to get done on your vehicle when you bring it into the shop. [Read More]

3 Signs That Your Trailer Braking System Needs Some Attention

Whether you pull your trailer for recreation or for work safety is probably your number one priority. One of the first and most important things is to ensure that your trailer's braking system works properly, but you might not know what to look for. Luckily, looking for these things can help you spot any potential problems; then, if necessary, you can take your trailer in to a professional for trailer repair. [Read More]

Understanding Your Rights When Dealing With An Insurance Company And Collision Repairs

If you have been in an automobile accident that left your vehicle needing repairs, you will have to work with an insurance company to have the bill paid, unless you were at fault and do not carry collision coverage. When you are covered, whether on your own policy or because the other driver was at fault, insurance companies can be a bit tricky when it comes time to pay the bill. [Read More]

Buying A Used Car? Know Your Legal Rights

If you can't afford to buy a new car, buying a used car is a good option when you must have transportation but are low on money. When you opt for a used car, whether you buy it from a used car dealership or another individual, you may be getting a well-maintained car or one that has been in accidents, or even a flood. You just don't know. Since used cars can't talk about their past, you need to know your legal rights when it comes to buying a used automobile. [Read More]