4 Reasons To Sell Your Used Car To A Dealer Instead Of On Your Own

Two of the most common methods for selling a used car are selling to a car dealership and selling it to a stranger on your own. While selling on your own may seem like a good way to make a little extra money, selling to a dealership is much less of a hassle. Check out these four reasons you should sell your used car to a dealer.

1. Reputable Car Dealers Are Trustworthy

When you choose to sell your car to a reputable car dealer, you can be confident that you're working with someone trustworthy. Big car dealerships didn't get where they are by tricking sellers and upsetting customers, so they aren't going to steal your car and back out of paying. If you decide to sell your car on your own, however, you never know with whom you're dealing. Some dishonest people may try to get your car without actually giving you the money they promised. They use many methods, such as fake cashier's checks, escrow accounts and overpayment scams.

2. They Are Everywhere

You probably can't drive far in your city without passing a car dealership. They're everywhere, which makes it so much easier to find someplace to sell your used car. Simply try a few until you find one that will give you the best deal. When you sell on your own, however, it's not so simple. You can't just show up at someone's house and expect them to buy your car. You need to put time, effort and money into posting ads online, in the newspaper and in auto trader magazines. Then you'll have to deal with all the potential buyers.

3. Dealers Are Less Picky

When you want a new car, you probably have one or a few models in mind. Most people don't just want to buy whatever they stumble upon first. This poses a problem when you try to sell your used car on your own. Not only do you have to find buyers, but you have to find the right buyer who wants your exact car, regardless of condition, mileage and age. Dealers won't take every old hunk of junk, but they are less picky because they have the time and money to find the perfect buyer.

4. The Dealer Handles the Paperwork for You

Even after you find a buyer, your work isn't over. Selling a car isn't as simple as selling a used couch. A lot of paperwork must be completed and filed, so everything is legit. When you choose to sell your car on your own, that paperwork becomes your responsibility because it's important for you to get your name off the car, so it doesn't come back to bite you later when you're held liable for an accident. When you sell to a dealer, they gather all the documents and send them to the right places. You just have to sign and date a few papers.

Regardless of why you're selling your car, it's always a good idea to try selling to a dealer first. They do all the work for you, so you can get your cash sooner. 

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