Learn How To Put Snow Chains On Your Tires

When driving in the poor winter weather, it is important that you are as safe as you can be. There are times when snow chains are needed to keep your car safely on a slippery road. It is important to make sure that you use snow chains the right way, though. The following guide walks you through the ins and outs of using snow chains.

Purchase the Right Chains

The first thing you need to do is purchase the right chains for your tires. The chains are available in many different sizes to ensure that they are large enough to fit properly. You can buy snow chains at any local tire supply store. Simply write down the letters and numbers on the side of the tire and an associate in the tire shop will be able to help you find the right size chains for your car.

Lay Out the Chains

Next, you need to lay out the chains flat next to the tire. You want to be sure that none of the chains are twisted.

Place the Chains

Next, pick up the chains on the side that is closest to the tire. Lift the chain over the top of the tire and start to spread it out until it is evenly spread over the tire. There will be fasteners on the ends of the chain. You want to be sure that they are pulled out and away from the tire because you will have to pull your car forward before securing the chains so they can wrap around the entire tire.

Pull the Car Forward

Next, you want to pull your car forward very slowly. You do not want the chains to slide off the tire and if you move slowly, they should stay in place.

Put on the Chains

You should now be able to wrap the chain around the entire tire. Slip the fasteners into the chains so that a complete circle is made around the tires. You want to be sure that the chains are as tight as they can be so that they do not slide off of the tires when you start to drive.

Secure the Chains

There are bungee cords that have hooks built into them that are designed for use with snow chains. You slip one of the hooks into the chain located on the front of the tire and then stretch it across the tire to secure it to the other side of the chain that is located on the front of the tire. This keeps the chain from sliding off of the tire when the car is in motion.

In order to keep the chains working properly, you need to only use them when the roads are covered in snow, sleet, or hail. If you choose to run the chains on dry roadways, they can become loose from the tires and damage your vehicle.