Understanding Your Rights When Dealing With An Insurance Company And Collision Repairs

If you have been in an automobile accident that left your vehicle needing repairs, you will have to work with an insurance company to have the bill paid, unless you were at fault and do not carry collision coverage. When you are covered, whether on your own policy or because the other driver was at fault, insurance companies can be a bit tricky when it comes time to pay the bill. Do not let the insurance agent confuse you, if you have coverage, they need to pay the bill. Here are some common myths they will try to tell you to avoid paying more money.

The Insurance Company Chooses Which Collision Shop Does the Work

One of the most common myths about having collision repair work done is that the insurance company gets to choose which shop, a place like Black Horse Auto Body Shop Inc, will do the work. This is not true. By law, you are allowed to make your own choice. You will be required to submit three estimates to the insurance company, and they may suggest who should do the work, but in the end, you can choose.

The Insurance Company Will Not Pay More than what Their Adjuster Estimates

After the accident, the insurance company is going to send an adjuster to inspect your vehicle and come up with an estimate as to how much the repairs should cost. This is only an estimate. When you go to the shops to obtain estimates on what they would charge, you submit them to the insurance company. These estimates may be higher than what their adjuster suggested. Do not worry, everything is just estimates at this point. The insurance company must pay to have the work done, minus your deductible payment.

Once the Estimate is Approved and a Check is Sent, the Insurance Company will not Pay More

If the job ends up costing more than the initial estimate, you do need to talk with the shop to find out why and then talk with the insurance company and explain it. As long as there is proof that additional work was needed, or the job required more parts and time, the insurance company will pay the overage.

If you have a friend that can do all the collision work for you, it is perfectly fine to get an estimate from him or her. Once the work is complete, the insurance company will look it over and pay the bill. Do not let anyone tell you that you have to go with the shop or quote the insurance company wants.