Cold Weather Covers & Bug Screens: Good Protection For Your Truck

No matter whether cold winter temperatures are on the horizon or the weather is starting to warm up in springtime, your semi truck can benefit from a grill cover. One type of cover provides protection against harsh cold temperatures and road salt in winter, while another style acts as a bug screen in warm weather. Both block rocks and other road debris.

Cold Weather Covers

You may have heard that wind chills don't affect inanimate objects. This is technically correct; a truck radiator, engine and other components won't get colder than the exterior temperature no matter how bad the wind chill is. However, as the truck rolls along the highway at 55 or 65 miles per hour, it is still affected by the cold air blasting against the radiator.

That cold air continually works to make the system colder than it should be to function optimally -- diesel fuel is most efficient when it's warm. Attaching a cover to the grill keeps warm air under the hood and blocks exterior cold air from getting to the system. 

The cover also keeps the heat in and blocks cold air when the truck is idling, and it allows for a faster warmup after you've shut the engine off for a relatively short time.

Another advantage involves protecting your radiator from road salt that causes rust. You may not be able to get your truck thoroughly cleaned as often as you'd like when you're on the road. 

Bug Screens

If you take pride in your truck's appearance, you don't want dead bugs splattered all over the grill. More importantly, bugs and dirt that get past the grill and under the hood compromise air flow through the heater core, forcing the system to run hotter than it should. 

By stopping the onslaught of bugs getting past the grill, you help keep your air filter clean as well. Clogged air filters lower semi-truck fuel economy.

Dual Advantage

Both these screens block rocks and other debris that can be flung upward from the road or dropped from heavy trucks in front of you, no matter what the weather is like. A sharp rock flying at high speed through your grill can easily damage the radiator 

Concluding Thoughts

Winter and summer grill covers are affordable protection for your truck's function during the winter and appearance during the summer. Check out some of the many different versions available and choose one of each to fit your truck model with a style you find appealing. Get in touch with a company like Radiator Pros for more info about different radiator protection options.