Cashing In The Clunker: 4 Things You Can Do With A Junk Car

Do you have a clunker that you need to get rid of? Sometimes a vehicle just isn't worth being saved -- especially if you have already pumped a considerable amount of money into trying to restore it. Here are a few of the options that you have.

1. Giving It Away

In most areas, there are free classifieds where you can give things away. If your car can still be used for parts, you can always give your vehicle away for free -- and require that the person who accepts it has to take it away promptly. The upside is that you get the vehicle removed quickly; the downside is that you won't get any material benefit for your vehicle. This is sometimes a good solution if you just need the vehicle away as soon as possible.

2. Trashing It

If you can't even give away your vehicle, there are companies that will take it away or tow it to the yard -- for a small charge. These trash removal services work quickly but, obviously, you'll need to pay for them. This is really only a good idea if you can't even get someone to take the car away.

3. Donating It

There are many charities that take car donations. A lot of these charities will try to fix the car up or will scrap it for parts. Regardless, they'll take the vehicle away even if it doesn't work. This has a specific benefit: when donating a car, you can then take the amount of the vehicle out of your taxes as a deduction. However, it may not be as much as you would get if you sold or scrapped it, and you only get it as a tax deduction rather than cash at hand.

4. Selling It

Obviously, if you can do this, it's usually the best option. There are companies that specialize in buying junk cars from owners, you simply need to look for them. Don't assume the vehicle has to work to be purchased; often, the vehicle is simply bought based on its parts. Some companies, like Cash For Junk Cars, will even pick the car up from you.

As you can see, there are many options for you if you need to get rid of a junk car. In general, the best option is to find a company that buys junk cars -- but donating the vehicle can be a good option too. For the really junky cars, you might want to consider just posting them for free or getting them scrapped.