Toyota Recalls: What To Do If Your Vehicle Falls Within The Recall's Parameters

Despite the fact that Toyota is one of the leading auto manufacturers and sellers of high quality, high value vehicles, they are not immune to defects. Recalls for many different issues on models of this company's production lines have not made consumers who own the recalled vehicles very happy. If you own or buy a car, truck, SUV or crossover from this company and then find out that it is part of a recall, your Toyota repair is free, but you will have to see a dealership's automotive specialist. There are a couple of things you will need to do before your vehicle can be repaired and pass safety inspections. 

Verify That Your Vehicle Is Part of the Recall

The most important aspect of a vehicle recall is the the verification of the vehicles involved. Since auto manufacturers mass produce thousands of vehicles every year, the only way to really verify if your vehicle is part of the recall is to enter your car's VIN number in the recall search engine provided by this company. The company keeps a list of all of the vehicles that roll of the assembly line within a specified time frame, and the VIN numbers include batch numbers and code for the dates the vehicle was made. When you enter the VIN number in the recall search engine box, the search engine automatically checks against the company's database to see if your car is included in the recall announcement.

Request Proof of Recall

Usually, owners of vehicles that have been recalled (even for minor repairs) receive recall announcement cards from the manufacturer. However, if you have moved or given a different address than the one at which you actually live, you will probably never receive this vital notice. Be sure to request proof of recall directly from the company and doublecheck to see if the company has your correct address on file. The proof of recall card or letter tells the mechanic at the dealership that your vehicle should be repaired free of charge and that the manufacturer will cover the costs.

Take Your Vehicle in Right Away

If and when you receive a notice that your vehicle falls within the parameters of the recall, take your vehicle in for repairs right away. Sometimes the repairs are simple things that involve a dome light malfunction, while others are more serious. Last year, this particular manufacturer had issues with airbag deployment and safety. When the problems are that serious, you cannot and should not delay repairs.