3 Potential Pollution Problems At An Auto Salvage Yard

Auto salvage yards provide a much-needed service, by providing a place for broken vehicles to be stored and recycled. However, there are some potential environmental problems that can develop if appropriate considerations are not taken to stop pollution. The following three potential pollution problems have simple solutions that will make keeping an auto salvage yard environmentally sound very easy. 

1. Leaks

When a vehicle first arrives at an auto salvage yard, make sure that there are no leaks. Coolant, oil, and other fluids have the potential to leak onto the ground and run off into the sewage system or a body of water. In order to deal with leaks in the short-term, make sure that the leak is temporarily stopped up by using adhesive sealant, or collect the fluid in a pan. When the car has been stripped and needs to be placed in long-term storage, drain all of the fluids out of the car as a precaution. By keeping coolant, oil, and other fluids from escaping the vehicle, it is possible to prevent them from doing damage to the environment.

2. Leftover Fluids

Even if a vehicle is not leaking when it enters the premises, it is a best practice to remove any fluids regardless. These fluids should be stored separately in clearly marked containers. If care is taken to store the fluids correctly, then they can be used again in other vehicles. This is helpful for the salvage yard, because it keeps them from having to worry about disposing the fluids correctly and allows them to make a profit. When less fluids need to be disposed, there is less of a risk to the environment.

3. Greasy or Oily Equipment

The grease or oil that commonly covers vehicle equipment stored outside can be washed off after a storm and travel into a body of water, causing environmental problems. There are two easy ways to fix this problem. The first is to cover the equipment so that rain cannot force the grime to join any runoff. The second is to place the equipment into a pan that is large enough to not overflow. The pan will be able to catch any grease that is washed off of the equipment during a storm. 

If you run an auto salvage yard, make sure to follow these tips to keep your business environmentally sound and reduce any pollution that is caused. Contact your local government for more information about common environmental standards.