Scavenger Hunt And 3 Other Games To Play On A Charter Bus

Whether you're traveling with kids or taking a trip by with friends, bus trips could be a bit drawn out. You need to consider having some fun on the road, if you're organizing a bus excursion. Playing games while traveling can pass the time while involving your group in the entire process. Here are four games to play on a charter bus.

Scavenger Hunt

Really, this game is pretty simple. Before the charter bus trip, print lists of things, which might be located looking outside the window, and give them to your group. This may contain license plates from neighboring states, cows, billboards, or popular harvests for the places you are traveling through. The very first individual or team to locate all of the items wins the game. Scavenger hunt is an excellent game for breaking the ice especially if a few members in your group do not know each other.

Pass the Ball to Music

For this game, you will need a medium sized ball that is simple to pass. You will need to play music loud enough for everybody to hear. For example, you could play the music via iPod or any mobile device. The key is to play and pause the music so that whoever is holding the ball when the music stops leaves the game; just like the elimination in musical chairs. Then whoever is left at the end of the game is the winner.

Celeb Chain Game

This really is a fantastic game especially for celebrity buffs. One begins by saying the name of a well-known star like Brad Pitt to start the game. The following individual must take the first letter of the star's last name. For this particular example, it will be P for Pitt. Then the next person must think of another star, whose first name begins with this letter, like Sir Paul McCartney. The following individual must then think of a star whose first name begins with the letter M. And so on.

Travel Bingo

Just like the standard game, playing this on the road is an interactive event. Young and old will enjoy this one. You can provide prizes with your trip's theme for the winners. Make sure that you all keep your voices down, however. Yelling Bingo! several times on a crowded charter bus could annoy other passengers.

Traveling on a charter bus with family and friends could be fun and a great time to bond. Keeping in mind that long trips could be … well, long. Plan ahead with games that will keep everyone in your group amused. Before you it, you will arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed with a smile on your face.

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