5 Reasons To Upgrade To LED Lighting In Your RV

How much consideration have you given to the lighting in your RV? Have you ever considered upgrading the lighting in your RV to LED bulbs? Here, you will learn a few reasons why LED bulbs are the best option for your RV.

No Mercury

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury in them. When broken, you and your family are exposed to this mercury. Although the amount in a single bulb is not enough to make you ill, you could avoid the exposure altogether by avoiding the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs. LED bulbs do not contain any mercury, which eliminates the risk of exposure if the bulb should break.

No Filament

Traditional incandescent light bulbs work using filament inside them. If the filament breaks, the light bulb no longer lights up. In an RV, the light bulbs used must be able to withstand jarring around during travel. Many times, the filament in the traditional bulb cannot withstand the abuse of travel and will not light up once you reach your destination. This results in the replacement of the bulb long before it should need to be replaced. LED bulbs do not use filament, so they can handle the abuse of travel well.

Long Life

LED bulbs illuminate for many hours longer than any other type of light bulb. The lifespan of a quality LED light is more than 50,000 hours. This is well beyond the 10,000 hours of your traditional compact florescent light bulb. Although the cost of the light bulb is greater, the length of time you will get to use the bulb is far longer making it a wise investment.

Lower Energy Use

When you are running a generator to power your RV, any amount of energy savings is welcome. The less electricity you use, the less your generator will have to work. LED lights use far less energy than the other types of light bulbs. If you compare the amount of energy used to power an incandescent light versus the LED bulb, you will see a savings of 2500 KWh over 50,000 hours.

Clean Light

The light produced by LED bulbs is brilliantly clear. You will not have to struggle to see the pages of your book in the yellow light of the traditional bulbs. You will have clean, clear light illuminating your RV living space.

Start looking into replacing the light bulbs in your RV with LED bulbs. Talk with your local RV accessories supplier, such as Arrow Trailer Supplies, to find the bulbs and begin making the transition.