Ten Tips To Keep You Safe In Your Garage When Working On Your Car

If you insist on making car repairs on your own, be sure that you are following the safest practices to avoid potential injury to yourself, or someone else. There are some simple strategies used by professional mechanics at places like National Transmission Inc that can help you avoid accidents when working on your own car.

Try the following ten tips before you start automotive repairs and maintenance:

1.Get rid of the jewelry. Wearing rings and other items can interfere with automotive work and could potentially cause problems when working under the hood. To be safe, tie your hair back and tuck loose clothing in, too.

2.Never start an auto repair job without a decent, working fire extinguisher nearby. These are widely available at low costs, often under $20.

3.If you will be turning the auto on and off, do it outside. The exhaust of your car is deadly, and it is never wise to run the engine in a garage, even if the door is open.

4.Always use insulated pliers when working on your car's ignition system. This prevents you from accidental electrocution and injury from the high-voltage ignition wires.

5.Never work on your car without wearing safety glasses or goggles.

6.Don't ever smoke or have any open-flames near where you are working on the car, and this includes inside the garage. There are too many flammable materials and supplies here for it to ever be safe to smoke.

7. Avoid leaving tools on the battery casing under the hood during a task.  This is something that can damage the wiring or battery of your car, not to mention cause engine damage when accidentally left behind. 

8.Never try to remove the radiator cap after the engine has been running, or while it is running. The water inside heats up fast, and the pressure can send the cap flying when loosened.

9.Don't try to work on your car with children or pets around. Be cognizant of where they are, and keep them away from the garage when you are making repairs.

10.Play it safe by engaging the parking brake during any automotive work or repairs. This just provides a little extra security that the vehicle won't shift or roll and potentially injure someone.

Be aware of your surroundings when working on a car in your garage, and know who and what is around you. Keep safety supplies nearby, and keep family members away during automotive tasks. Practice safety with these ten tips when working on your vehicle at home.